Perfect steak? It's simple. Try Annie's Steak Salt and little bit of vegetable oil for a great bbq marinade.


The combination of delicate thyme and punchy pepper work together to bring out the natural flavour of any cut of steak. This salt also works very well in stews and casseroles. 

Feel free to experiment with it!


We select the best fresh thyme and whole peppercorns, crush them together with natural coarse sea salt, creating a balanced ratio of complimentary flavours in Annie's Steak Salt.



  • natural coarse sea salt 81%
  • thyme 14%
  • peppercorn mix 5%


Shelf-life 12 months

Steak Salt 70g

£ 3,65Price
  • Our flavoured coarse sea salt gives a better texture and flavour to dishes and creates a nice crisp skin on roasted meats and vegetables. Ideal for use in salt mills and grinders for the seasoning at the table.


    Finer version of our flavoured sea salt will give you the chance to season with precision. Ideal for baking and use in any recipe where salt needs to be spread evenly and measured closely.

  • 100% compostable pouch case with zipper, which allows repeatable closure after opening. Quality packaging that preserves the character of herbs. The herbs are always hermetically sealed in the package to resist moisture, light and foreign odours. Herbs are extremely susceptible to these three things and have a great influence on the final quality of the herb and its infusion.

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