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Annie's Steak salt, the combination of delicate thyme and four kinds of peppercorn. This seasoned salt will bring out the natural flavour of any cut of steak. It also works very well in stews and casseroles.


Mix a bit of our Steak Salt with vegetable oil for a perfect BBQ marinade.


Don’t eat meat? You can make your steak out of anything you like.


Finer version of our seasoned salt will give you the chance to season with precision. Ideal for use in any recipe where salt needs to be spread evenly and measured closely.


Steak Salt Fine

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  • Ingredients:

    • sea salt 81%
    • thyme 14%
    • peppercorn mix 5%


    Shelf life:

    Our seasoned salts last for 12 months. Just make sure to store it in a dark and dry place.

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