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About Us

Annie’s Herb Kitchen is a small family run business based in rural Argyllshire on the West Coast of Scotland.

We hand make seasoning salts using locally sourced fresh herbs blended with natural sea salt, dried together to preserve the aroma and flavour of the herbs.


Our salts are guaranteed to lift your favourite dish to another level or as a quick fix when there is ‘something missing’.

We also make fruit and herbal teas from a well-balanced selection of fruits and herbs; using top quality ingredients gives the tea a distinctive exquisite taste and aroma.

If you are looking for a gift, we can offer a selection of products carefully packed into a crafted wooden box, with your personalised message engraved in the lid.

Annie and Petra

From Annie's Diary:


APRIL 2020 - The idea was born.


Just when the world was ending and the Covid-19 pandemic stormed towards us we realised that Village life is all about sharing, especially at the start of a pandemic. While searching for flour, yeast and eggs, our daughter suggested we could share our own homemade flavoured salts… So we did!

JUNE 2020 – Family meeting – should we start a business? What to call ourselves?


The internet is such a busy place, it is difficult to find a name that feels right. After googling almost 80 different company names we settled on Annie’s Herb Kitchen (It was Annie’s idea after all!)

AUGUST 2020 – We should have a PLAN. 


Time to think about packaging and what it says about us as a company.  WOW we need luxurious packaging that is affordable and eco-friendly… We decided on compostable pouches with our logo stamped on them.  Our logo and the design were made by Jack Redley. Thank you Jack for your creativity and vision, you saved the day.

OCTOBER 2020 – First huge delivery, first batch of products launched, first customer!


We had our first bulk delivery of fresh herbs from local Farmers. Buying fresh from locals means we can support them while also making something special to share with our customers.


Kids in bed and the evening shift in the kitchen begins. We launched 3 coarse seasoning salts to start with, Parsley, Steak, Garlic.


It is not long before we all do happy dance as our first order comes in! Thank you to our very first customer – Keren C, we will never forget you!

DECEMBER 2020 – Christmas is here!


Mulled wine spice mix selling like crazy, we became the 2nd best seller on eBay for 6 whole hours

before we ran out of stock :-)

FEBRUARY 2021 – Back on Track!


Two new salts added to the range, Oregano and Sage.



We survived. Special thanks to MB&MB Limited company.

JUNE 2021 – We are on the MAP! WILD ABOUT ARGYLL MAP


You can view the map here (

We can’t open our kitchen to the public, but now you can at least see on a map where the magic happens!

AUGUST 2021 – First Market!


WOW. What a day at Loch Lomond Shores. We were so delighted to get to meet our customers face

to face and hear such kind words during tasting sessions. You made our day XX.



The results of the Great Taste 2021 Awards are published and guess what? Our super hero Garlic Salt got 2 STARS!


We would like to say a huge thank you ‘Guild of Fine Food’ for your amazing review. We're very proud, and indeed - happy dancing over here.  


Another massive thanks to the Really Garlicky Company for their amazing garlic, which we use in our salt – we couldn’t have done it without you!

MAY 2020 – Our popularity is rising!


Our salts proved so popular we couldn’t keep up with demand!

JULY 2020 – It is not going to be that easy…


What we didn’t realise is the paperwork and all the necessary approvals to start a food business

from home. We have to apply to register the kitchen, for food business approval, have HACCP in place, complete hygiene and safety exams, pest control ( the biggest pest in this kitchen is ME! – simply eating everything :-)… all very difficult when the nation is dropping in and out of lock-downs!

SEPTEMBER 2020 – A Website and social media presence


I am not a technical person at all, so I was grateful to be rescued by my hubby Adam who created our website and he has been working on it ever since XXX.

Facebook and Instagram created and we are online.

NOVEMBER 2020 – Winter is coming, mull everything!


In time for winter and Christmas, we decided to add a Mulled wine spice mix to our product range, along with finer ground version of our salts and a new Rosemary salt.


We are now stocked in our first shops - Marmalade deli and Achnashelloch Farm shop – The happy dancing continues.

JANUARY 2021 – New Year, New products!


Herbal teas now added, alongside infusers and gift boxes.


We became a supplier for Aray Fish who deliver locally sourced food in Argyll.


Business is booming, but the administrative side feels disorganised – once again, Adam saves the day with a spreadsheet, a couple of jokes and a cuppa tea. He is my HERO!

MARCH 2021 – Ideas from our customers!


Smoked chilli salt and Italian seasoning salt are two more new arrivals to our range.


More shops request to sell our products, it is so exciting to be in Oban shops – bright lights, big city!

MAY 2021 – Exciting news – New packaging. Hooray!!!


Brand new reusable and cute tins, decorated with stickers designed by the very talented GD Kamila Vesela, thank you Kami.

And now I’m so lucky. I get to play with stickers all day every day from now on. Yay.

JULY 2021 – 300 followers on Instagram


Jumping for joy and a huge thank you to Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company who are our 300th follower

SEPTEMBER 2021 – Riding a wave


Another market, this time Lochgilphead Farmer’s market.


Great Taste results are expected 21st of September – biting my nails off.


Fantastic news – we are going to be featured in Holiday West Highland Magazine!

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