About Annie's Herb Kitchen

  Hi, I'm Petra. I'm the founder of Annie's Herb Kitchen, making sure everything is running smoothly and to your complete satisfaction.

  The whole idea came from my daughter Annie, when I was making my own Rosemary Salt at home. "Why don't you just buy it in the shop, mum?" she said. "You cannot really buy this in the shop" I replied. "So why don't we make it for all the other people, so they can enjoy it as well, mum?" she said. And that's how it all started.

  We are a legally approved food business, producing a range of herb/salt infusions for cooking and seasoning and range of loose fruit and herbal teas.

Annie and Petra

How it’s made

  We are supplied with the freshest herbs available from UK farmers and distributors.

  The herbs are selected by hand to ensure they are the best quality and ready for the next step in the production process. The fresh herbs are then evenly mixed within the natural sea salt so the salt absorbs all the ‘goodness’ and flavour from the herbs.


The most important part of our salt making is the low temperature drying process that preserves the colour, taste and all the beneficial attributes of the herbs, so we can present you with the well balanced, stable and high-quality product.


  The salt acts as a natural preservative, so there are no additives needed to get 12 months shelf life. Just make sure to store it in dark and dry place.

  All our products come in resealable zipper pouches that are completely compostable and printed with Eco friendly colours.

The bottom line

  All the recipes for our seasoning salts and herbal teas are based on the ‘lost knowledge’ I inherited from my grandma. She was a master herbalist and had an extensive knowledge about all the herbs and spices and how to mix them together to produce tasty and beneficial infusions.


  I count myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend time with her, so she could teach me and show me how it’s done. She gave me a solid foundation for my future studies and practice.


  Now, after years of producing seasoning salts and herbal teas for myself, my friends and family and having their support and feedback, I’m able to come up with products that are well balanced.

  Give them a go and I'm sure you will enjoy and appreciate them.