Annie's Rosemary Salt is a firm favourite across the generations. Rosemary herb with a touch of Lemon Verbena makes this seasoning salt so versatile. It fits so many recipes.


Try fried or roast potatoes with a generous pinch of Rosemary Salt. Or go traditional and add it to slowly roasted lamb for Sunday lunch.


The Rosemary Salt is also a delightful addition to any dish containing beans or lentils. My favourite is my Mum's homemade bean ragout. It is also great for salad dressings.


Finer version of our seasoned salt will give you the chance to season with precision. Ideal for use in any recipe where salt needs to be spread evenly and measured closely.

Rosemary Salt Fine

PriceFrom £ 4,25
  • Ingredients:

    • sea salt 81%
    • rosemary 16%
    • lemon verbena 3%


    Shelf life:

    Our seasoned salts last for 12 months. Just make sure to store it in a dark and dry place.