Fruit Cuddle is a pleasantly delicate herbal tea with a subtle fruity taste.


The colours and aromas of this brew are less pronounced. The softness of marigold and rose hip is complemented by the slightly tart taste of the dried fruit combinations and works as a pleasant drink with hidden health benefits cleansing the body and urinary tract.


We highly recommend the enjoyment of this herbal tea after lunch and during the afternoon. Fruit Cuddle is suitable for all of the family to support the bodily functions of the digestive system and urinary tract.


Great for preparing your own iced tea.


70g pouch for approx. 20 cups of tea.


    Check out our handy infuser bottle with stainless steel strainer for easier preparation.

    Fruit Cuddle - Herbal Tea

    £ 6,75Price
    • Ingredients:

      • rose hip 22%
      • black currants
      • apple 15%
      • sultanas
      • cranberries
      • marigold 10%
      • hibiscus
      • pineapple
      • strawberries


      Shelf life:

      Our herbal tea will last for 12 months. Just make sure to store it in a dark and dry place.

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